Up In Smoke Fine Cigars

Up In Smoke Fine Cigars

Address: 3983 Lavista Road Suite 187,jj Tucker, GA 30084

For over 20 years, Up In Smoke Fine Cigars has been serving our loyal customers throughout Atlanta with a wide variety of your favorite cigar brands. Founded in Tucker, Georgia in 1996, Rick Craig wanted a place for his customers, who later became some of his closest friends, to gather and talk sports and politics, enjoy cigars and share a good laugh. After the untimely passing of Rick in May 2018, his son Ryan Craig, stepped into his dad's footsteps to continue his legacy. Ryan will continue the family tradition built on the belief that the "customers are your friends". To our loyal customers, suppliers, vendors and the local community, we appreciate your continued business and thank you for your support of Up In Smoke Fine Cigars!

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